Thursday, December 25, 2014

countdown to oblivion to 2015...

Hello everyone!

2014 was a long year that went by very quickly, ironically.

We had massively killer shows, massively disappointing moments as well.

Now we're taking week break before we head to KL for CHAOS IN RUMAH API. 

And we are doing quite a few shows in the FIRST month of 2015, and have a hand in a few more.

Talk about wow.

Thank you to all those who supported, helped out, asked important questions along the way. 

Shouts out to The Substation and spaces like Pink Noize, Lithe Paralogue and Independent Archives and Resource Centre, bands, people, artists, crew, flyer people and many many more.

We're supposed to have stopped doing shows altogether but oh well, if its in your blood then its in your blood.

We have these kick ass shows/events lined up for you in January 2015, so keep a lookout!

Best regards and chaos forever!

January 2nd - NEW YEAR THRASHOLUTION @ Pink Noize

January 20th - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II @ The Substation

January 24th - PUNK SKA LA-LA-LA @ Pink Noize

January 25th - helping out with HOWLING HYMNS @ The Substation

January 30th - DISTRO DAY OUT Pre Party @ The Substation

January 31st - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015 @ The Substation

Wednesday, December 3, 2014




And our first show of 2015...!

PROHIBITED PROJECTS 2015 show forecast

January 2nd - NEW YEAR THRASHOLUTION @ Pink Noize with DA, SMERT! (Russia weird punk), IMMINENT PSYCHOSIS (Australia thrash), HIDDEN INTENT (Australia thrash), WITCHSEEKER, A.E.S., The MANIACS, SINTOXICATE! (flyer above)

January 20th - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II @ The Substation with CHU (Khazakhstan doom), B.C., (((connection_error))), CIRCUITRIP and more

January 24th - yet-to-be-titled show with WHATEVER THAT MEANS (South Korea punkrock)

January 25th - yet to be titled show with some Indonesian post-doom stoner type bands

January 30th - DISTRO DAY OUT pre party (The Substation)

January 31st - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015 (The Substation)

February - we're working on something

March 6th - FAST FRIDAY FURY with VENGEANCE TODAY (Germany hardcore)

April 16th - THURSDAY NIGHT THRASH with DISABUSE (Philippines raw punkhc), COMMIT ARSON (Philippines raw grindcrusthc)

Teaser flyer of the day....