Tuesday, December 20, 2011

BATAM CHAOS CHRONICLES (compilation call)

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Hello all

Spread the word, this will be released hopefully next year, along with SARJAN HASSAN/BLINDED HUMANITY split, NOSE CANDY and LEAD (II) NITRATE releases. I can afford releasing all of them in 2012, but i need to really do my maths first!

Cheers to Rudhy and Qncek and the rest of the Batam crazies!!!!!

* BATAM CHAOS CHRONICLES will be a compilation of up to 20 hc-punk bands from the Riau community in Indonesia. Batam is one of the closest neighbours of Singapore goegraphically and its got an awesome and fresh punk scene. DIY labels if you want to collaborate get in touch and we'll start a discussion!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pre-emptive news for 2012

Hello everyone
Get ready for these in 2012...

January 28+29 [Saturday + Sunday]
DISTRO DAY OUT @ The Substation Gallery 
A gathering of DIY distros with a focus on SE Asian hardcore punk grind metal and alternative. Expect books, zines, literature, videos, patches and what not!

February 10 [Friday]
TAKE ONE STEP (venue details TBC)
Positive hardcore from Indonesia. Circle pits, singalongs all with a load of PMA!

March 2 [Friday]
Not organized by Prohibited Projects but we'll promote anyway since its done by partners in crime Blackhole/Pathetic Ape. Do keep date in mind.

May 24 [Thursday]
The ARGIES (details ASAP)
Street rock punk oi from Argentina, rocking our shores again!