Friday, December 2, 2011

Pre-emptive news for 2012

Hello everyone
Get ready for these in 2012...

January 28+29 [Saturday + Sunday]
DISTRO DAY OUT @ The Substation Gallery 
A gathering of DIY distros with a focus on SE Asian hardcore punk grind metal and alternative. Expect books, zines, literature, videos, patches and what not!

February 10 [Friday]
TAKE ONE STEP (venue details TBC)
Positive hardcore from Indonesia. Circle pits, singalongs all with a load of PMA!

March 2 [Friday]
Not organized by Prohibited Projects but we'll promote anyway since its done by partners in crime Blackhole/Pathetic Ape. Do keep date in mind.

May 24 [Thursday]
The ARGIES (details ASAP)
Street rock punk oi from Argentina, rocking our shores again!


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