Monday, December 21, 2015

countdown to oblivion...and immediate rebirth!

Hello all

We are closing the year with this...

and then starting the year with these...

3th January - AREP GILA Birthday Bash (birthday bash for Singapore's street icon Arep G, gonna be fun!) Venue TBC, private party, email for "invites"!

13-14th February - MAKE LOVE // NOT WAR - Two day gallery exhibition for Ken Terror (Kontrasosial, Domestik Doktrin, Hark! Its A Crawling Tar-Tar) and then a closing party with MY MAN MIKE (Korean fastcore) and THE ELECTED OFFICIALS (punkrock, USA) @ The Substation Theater + Gallery

10th April - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM III with SETE STAR SEPT (Japan), BEELZEBUD, BARIK'LANA @ The Substation Theater

Holy shit!

See you!

Monday, November 23, 2015

December and a DDO 2016 teaser....

Holy fucking shit we are almost ending the year. It scares the fuck out of us how fast time flies. Anyway check out these shows, all counting down to oblivion...! Living the chaos!


Before you apply, some notes straight from the horses mouth...

  • We will require a $50 minimum donation for each registered distro (which means your distro name will be on the flyer and you are guaranteed a table). 
  • Walk ins are still welcome but its first come first served.
  • All distros will need to pay "rent" whether or not you are registered or a walk in. You will be given a small envelope the moment you set up stall and will be requested to put something in there.
  • We dont want to do this but in recent installments people have been abusing our easy going nature, for instance setting up stall, made huge sales but never even bothered with a word of thanks or offer of help / rent. We know who we're talking about. Dont take this special carnival of the underground for granted because we'll be very glad to fuck with you. :)
  • As usual no right wing fascist racist or commercial shit.

Expected FAQ
- What if i register and dont make enough to cover rent? Dont run away, speak to us and we can work something out. This is more about preventing abuse, and promoting personal communication. We are never about implementing money. Fuck money, it blinds us all but its our reality too at the end of it all.

-  I only have a handful of items and no organized distro. Can i take part?  Yes but it is recommended you walk in, or merge with other walk ins just to make sense of the space. Also actual DISTROS are priority, this is not your usual flea market, although flea market type items better be bad ass or prepare to be given shit hahaha....

- Is this the same show as the one with Exploited and Kromosom?
Yes, but this NOT a show. It is a gathering of distros, and yes for the past few installments we have shows and after parties. The show will be at the Substation Theater while DDO 2016 will be in the Substation Gallery where it all started! Two different spaces under one roof! This will be a hell of a day!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

THANK YOU + mid November...


THEN AND NOW FEST was awesome! Thank you all who came, the bands who performed and the vibe throughout the 3 days. Second day in particular was a little insane!
Best wishes to SEE YOU IN HELL whose guitarist Filip faced a severe liver complication prior to the tour! Get well soon bro!
Best wishes also to DJ Ryan Pittam, still stuck in Thailand due to passport visa issues!

No thanks to DEADRUIN for not turning up without a word or apology. Maybe THEN AND NOW Fest or DIY shows in particular may not be so important. 

But that's life. It has to go on.

Anyway here's whats going to happen next week! See you there!


18th November 2015 (Wednesday)
Special docu screening, email us for information and invite!


20th November 2015 (Friday)

details below!

These are technically PRIVATE PARTIES so we have the right not to let anyone in. 
For those in the know only!

Scene kids, you know what we mean. 

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hi everyone. 



Sometime ago we sent an open call for questions to be sent to us at Prohibited Projects, as an interactive interview for those who wanted to know more about how we roll, but never had a chance to.

At the rate we’re going (we put on a ton of shows, but are also the lousiest record label and distro) some are surprised that we’re not on social media and cant seem to grasp how we keep a pretty low profile online. Which by the way makes us vague and dodgy, just the way we like it!

However with constant involvement in this scene, we have plenty to say and at every half-chance we would probably say something.

Because dialogue is important.

We had a pretty shitty response with only 2 people sending in questions (we had a feeling the rest of the world didn’t give a fuck, and we were right).

So thus here are the questions and our answers. Thanks to Murali Dumpster Cops and Esty Radigals for the interest!

We'd like to keep this going, so if you read this and you like what you read, send your own questions to prohibitedprojects(a)

1) What will be the future of scene like after all this new law about entertainment? 
Nothing will change. Punk is not entertainment. It is reality, it is art or maybe something close to art. And with art there are always ways to go around rules and regulations. The scene is at its healthiest with generations of punks doing stuff and hanging out. The only problem is with a first world reality like Singapore it will be taken for granted. The soul of this scene will die if we end up too comfortable and safe.

2) How long will Prohibited Projects be around? And if it's gone do you see any hope for the underground scene?
Until the day we want to call it a day. The way you put the question is strange. The scene doesn’t revolve around Prohibited Projects. Prohibited Projects exists BECAUSE there is a DIY underground. I hope the underground lives on forever. It is a crucial part of the social ecosystem.

3) What do you think about the young gig organisers?  Are they ready to face the future of scene? Or do they still have a long way to go?
I’m not sure what you’re asking but I’ll try to understand it. The fantastic thing about punk is that there are no formal standards to live up to. Whether or not a band sucks, whether or not a label is doing a good thing or whether a gig organizer is worth his/her salt is really for the individual to decide. There is an agreement to disagree and that is important. The scene must continue to be independent, whether or not you are contributing to punk, oi, hardcore, metal, grunge, techno, hip hop etc. There will be a billion arguments and opinions on this, and for me as long as things stay independent and it keeps going then the ‘scene’ as we know it is in good hands. Everyone has a long way to go in anything, what matters most is what they mean in their heart.

4) Why you blond dei?
Because life is a struggle. I don’t know. Fuck you. Haha.

5) How long have Prohibited Projects been going on?
2003-2004. I cannot remember. Haha.

6) Is Prohibited Projects run by one person?
Yes. It is a one man show. Actually could have been a 2 man show but the one idiot running it was so used to running things alone that “second man’s” role somewhat dissolved over time. Sorry. But we do maintain that Prohibited Projects is always addressed as “we” because everything is NOT because of one person. Countless individuals, groups, bands and collectives help Prohibited Projects from time to time (from setting up equipment to doing door, to helping with printing to playing in our shows to being cooperative and nice etc etc), they deserve more credit than just one person. It is a privilege for us to have help from so many people every single time we need it. We are forever thankful.

7) What are the challenges that Prohibited Projects have faced?

Mainly money, trust, and co-operation. The constant stress of hoping to cover costs at shows, or if people would turn up in the first place. Sometimes there are solutions sometimes there are none. Then also constant disappointment of friends dropping out of the scene, people changing, polar opposite ethical differences etc, but that always keeps us going somehow. Punk may look simple but it is not easy.

8) Why Prohibited Projects exist?

Firstly as a DIY record label and distro. Then we realized we sucked at the distro-label thing. It takes a lot of resolute discipline to constantly put out and distribute recordings and merchandize, and there are way more better reliable distros / labels other then PP. But we still kept PP going because it still was handy as it encapsulated the things we do, like shows, exhibitions, screenings, parties, events like DISTRO DAY OUT and more. It would be considered a holistic platform for all things punk. Our projects are theoretically prohibited anyway haha.

9) Will Prohibited Projects still be alive in years to come? Any plans of passing down Prohibited Projects?
We may call it a day when the time feels right or we can go the traditional way of how punks put an end to things…by fading away to oblivion. Haha.
To pass down a half-assed bedroom label? For what? This isn’t an empire. The beauty of punk is its ability to create and destroy in very simple terms. No corporate royalty bullshit, no wealth to pass down. Everyone must know that anyone can do anything on their own. Ive seen too many collectives and labels get inherited, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I would encourage everyone to start from scratch and end it when you feel like it. DIY for life.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

First week of November!

Hello folks

THEN AND NOW Festival is this coming weekend!

FULL WEEKEND PASSES are on sale, if you havent heard mumblings in social media, then do head down to STRAITS RECORDS (24 Bali Lane) to get them!

$40 gives you free roam to the whole festival, you can come anyday and anytime you want!

See you soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

THEN AND NOW Fest full flyer!


and also do support this show below, happening a day before THEN AND NOW Fest! 

Also Prohibited Projects is going to be organizing / supporting shows on these dates

18 November : THE OTHER OPTION Screening + Moisty (one man ska from New Zealand - Japan)

20th November : FRIDAY SKA EVENING with Moisty and more

5th December : Launch show of some local bands, TBC

6th December : SUNDAY SKA MATINEE, more info soon

23 December : WASTED WEEKDAYS #2 with Vaporized (Australia), Nuclear Family (Australia), Lemon Djin (Borneo), Crutches (Sweden), Annihilitia and Solar Titan

More info soon!

the prelude to the full THEN AND NOW Fest flyer...

Lifted from

So it's possible that some of you are checking this blog as I type, wondering where is the complete flyer.

It's being done as I type but this is a good prelude. 

Taken by Bum at the old IJ Studios (RIP) just before an unholy wall of death.

Some of you will laugh or cry. Some of you will spot someone you know (or even yourself).

Now please, help us make this viral.

Thank you.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

mid October blues...

Hello all

As we get ready to announce the barrage of shows coming up (those doing anything DIY do send us an email with flyer and details)...some words regarding our friends up north...

THE WALL (punk space in Batu Pahat) is slowly building from the ashes of a fire that almost destroyed everything. Now picking itself up, they need all the help they can get! More info here

RUMAH API (punk house in Kuala Lumpur) is still recovering from the ashes of THAT disgusting police raid. There are updates all around, and some of them are in dire need of help to combat charges by the state. More info here Rumah Api Facebook and

We are unfortunately broke as fuck, the idiot running and updating this blog is in too much personal debt, and it sucks we can only help so much but at least get the word out, help one another. This is what its about.

Monday, September 14, 2015

some shows in September...

OK so there are a shitload of shows in September, here are a few that we are involved in in a small way or just the complete efforts of others.

Head down if you can. Cheers!

Also a teaser that you might wanna check out


30 Jan 2016!
* more info soon *

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hello folks
So we are slowly getting back into the scheme of things.
Venue - ask someone into punk or hardcore and they'll tell you.
Or email us prohibitedprojects(A)
Ok go!

PS: Ruth pulled out, but show timings still are the same!
PPS: Yes private party. So unless you're in the know, or you know someone in the know, this is for loud freaks only.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hello folks

It's this weekend!

To answer some FAQs

1. Yes this is part of NIGHT FESTIVAL

2. Yes it is a theater performance featuring real life punks (and hc kids and mods) and was based on last year's Taking The Subs also directed by Tan Liting. Plenty of referrals to the significance of the Armenian Street!

3. Yes the timing is 11pm! And it will conclude with a performance by The Scene Kids, made up of the cast of the play!

4. Yes it is free!

5. Why are there two flyers? Because both were done by 2 of us out of enthusiasm, and they didnt know the other was doing. A happy coincidence. They came out at the same time, the resemblance is uncanny (it was birthed out of the same picture after all) but who cares.

6. Yes we have Bloco Singapura having some beats style collaboration!

Also some footnotes, the road (Armenian St) is closed for a fiesta of programmes (more info google NightFest) including music performances et al.

So come!

Thursday, July 30, 2015



We're back!

We decided to cut short our sabbatical because

- we miss doing shows
- there are times when things should happen; strike when the iron is hot so they say.
- we are still clamped up by lots of personal problems, mainly financial, but never let money control you. Never when you have quite a sum, and also never when you are in debt.
- simply put, these are crucial times. There is an unhealthy dose of racist and xenophobic tendencies in this scene, plus tons of arrogance and gossip mongering on social media. Now you know why we stick only to blogspot, eh?

See you 6th August (public holiday eve!) at The Substation!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dum dee dum...


Our projected comeback date....

and true to ourselves doing a few crazy things....lookout for shows under Prohibited Projects or our 'interim affiliate' A.K.A.S. as early as August or September!

In fact just a teaser....8 SEPTEMBER, TUESDAY expect a quick fast one with two acts from Australia....COFFIN WOLF (punk hc) and DISPARO (vulgar fast pissed hc). Details soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

a fucking break...

hello everyone

thank you for your continued support

we are on a break, probably till November 2015 but maybe earlier. we'll still be doing last minute shows when the time is right, but theoretically this is a sabbatical.

we will see you in November, beginning with THEN AND NOW FEST (flyer below) as well as SEE YOU IN HELL (crustcore/grind from Czech Republic!).

till then support other shows and promoters out there! if you need info and dont know where to start we'll be more than happy to pin point something to you.

remember the underground is not just music. it is a statement and a counterculture. it is beyond your fashion, although anyone who says punk is not about fashion is a bit clueless. of course the look and appearance has something to do with it, otherwise shirts patches and other accessories wont be flying off the distro tables.

we're just real with your words.

also there's some sprouting of some racist / nationalist / xenophobic idiots in the scene. wise up or fuck off. punk is beyond face value.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

1st and 8th of MAY

So on the 1st of May we'll have 80s Swedish hc veterans MOB 47 coming over, along with VAARALLINEN and DEMISOR. Ask a punk for directions and info.

And the week after we have this sick little thing....

Note that with added costs, we raised the door fee by a few dollars.

See you there!

Friday, March 20, 2015

April - May 2015

Hello fuckers!

These two awesome shows in April, and a little teaser for May...!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

CARB ON CARB // 20th March 2015!

Hello folks

This time we partner with Othersounds for this!

See you!

Post rock, rock & roll, ska and riot grrl. Only in Singapore. Be proud of this diversity you fuckers!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March - April 2015

So we'll be doing shows on these days...

6th March // VENGEANCE TODAY @ Pink Noize

20th March // CARB ON CARB @ Pink Noize (with Othersounds)

6th April // HIEROPHANT + ERRORBRAIN @ The Substation

16th April // DISABUSE + COMMIT ARSON @ Pink Noize

Flyers below!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February / March and April-May

So its been an immense beginning to the year!

Holy fucking shit!

Anyway here's what to expect in the next few months.

20th February // Friday @ Pink Noize - FIGHT NIGHT w/ Fingerprint (Medan hc metal), Thruoutin + Wang Shengnan (Beijing electronica), Revel, Axagon, Tomorrows Ever Ending and Intifadah. 6pm till late. This falls on a public holiday! Put together with TwoxStepxEdge!

6th March // Friday @ Pink Noize - FAST*AS*FUKK Part One (flyer below)

20th March // Friday @ Pink Noize - CARB ON CARB (New Zealand post punk pop) with Temasek Ska Dansa, Spacedays, The Vibe, No Pantz and This Is Atlantis. This is a collab with Other Sounds.

6th April // Monday @ The Substation - The Grand Collapse with HIEROPHANT (Italy dark crust hardcore), ERRORBRAIN (Indonesia grind-death) Rangka, Abrasion, Sjanse, Abolition A.D. !

16th April // Thursday @ Pink Noize - FAST*AS*FUKK Part Two with DISABUSE (Philippines crustocre), COMMIT ARSON (Philippines crustgrind), Mild Shag, Dumpster Cops, Barik'Lana and more bands

1st May // Friday @ Pink Noize - MOB47 (Swedish hc legends) plus other bands. Organized by Blackhole212, more info soon

8th May // Friday @ The Substation - IN GRIND WE THRASH - EXTREME DECAY (Indonesia grind vets) and more bands!

Also just promoting 2 other shows happening in coming weeks. Also check out other shows that i dont have a flyer of that are held at Pink Noize and Museum Of Independent Music eg the Calvaire launch show on 7th Feb at MOIM (if you are reading this you probably can do an online search, last we checked Prohibited Projects is still the caveman of SE Asia hc punk haha).

And FYI The Substation will be having renovations to its Theater and Gallery after this weekend. 

Support independent spaces forever.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hey all. Thanks for the fun weekend!

Now this crazy shit is happening FRIDAY and SATURDAY!

See you there!
(and check out the little teaser below too)

And a little teaser for February...