Saturday, October 17, 2015

mid October blues...

Hello all

As we get ready to announce the barrage of shows coming up (those doing anything DIY do send us an email with flyer and details)...some words regarding our friends up north...

THE WALL (punk space in Batu Pahat) is slowly building from the ashes of a fire that almost destroyed everything. Now picking itself up, they need all the help they can get! More info here

RUMAH API (punk house in Kuala Lumpur) is still recovering from the ashes of THAT disgusting police raid. There are updates all around, and some of them are in dire need of help to combat charges by the state. More info here Rumah Api Facebook and

We are unfortunately broke as fuck, the idiot running and updating this blog is in too much personal debt, and it sucks we can only help so much but at least get the word out, help one another. This is what its about.

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