Monday, December 21, 2015

countdown to oblivion...and immediate rebirth!

Hello all

We are closing the year with this...

and then starting the year with these...

3th January - AREP GILA Birthday Bash (birthday bash for Singapore's street icon Arep G, gonna be fun!) Venue TBC, private party, email for "invites"!

13-14th February - MAKE LOVE // NOT WAR - Two day gallery exhibition for Ken Terror (Kontrasosial, Domestik Doktrin, Hark! Its A Crawling Tar-Tar) and then a closing party with MY MAN MIKE (Korean fastcore) and THE ELECTED OFFICIALS (punkrock, USA) @ The Substation Theater + Gallery

10th April - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM III with SETE STAR SEPT (Japan), BEELZEBUD, BARIK'LANA @ The Substation Theater

Holy shit!

See you!

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