Monday, November 23, 2015

December and a DDO 2016 teaser....

Holy fucking shit we are almost ending the year. It scares the fuck out of us how fast time flies. Anyway check out these shows, all counting down to oblivion...! Living the chaos!


Before you apply, some notes straight from the horses mouth...

  • We will require a $50 minimum donation for each registered distro (which means your distro name will be on the flyer and you are guaranteed a table). 
  • Walk ins are still welcome but its first come first served.
  • All distros will need to pay "rent" whether or not you are registered or a walk in. You will be given a small envelope the moment you set up stall and will be requested to put something in there.
  • We dont want to do this but in recent installments people have been abusing our easy going nature, for instance setting up stall, made huge sales but never even bothered with a word of thanks or offer of help / rent. We know who we're talking about. Dont take this special carnival of the underground for granted because we'll be very glad to fuck with you. :)
  • As usual no right wing fascist racist or commercial shit.

Expected FAQ
- What if i register and dont make enough to cover rent? Dont run away, speak to us and we can work something out. This is more about preventing abuse, and promoting personal communication. We are never about implementing money. Fuck money, it blinds us all but its our reality too at the end of it all.

-  I only have a handful of items and no organized distro. Can i take part?  Yes but it is recommended you walk in, or merge with other walk ins just to make sense of the space. Also actual DISTROS are priority, this is not your usual flea market, although flea market type items better be bad ass or prepare to be given shit hahaha....

- Is this the same show as the one with Exploited and Kromosom?
Yes, but this NOT a show. It is a gathering of distros, and yes for the past few installments we have shows and after parties. The show will be at the Substation Theater while DDO 2016 will be in the Substation Gallery where it all started! Two different spaces under one roof! This will be a hell of a day!

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