Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hello folks

It's this weekend!

To answer some FAQs

1. Yes this is part of NIGHT FESTIVAL

2. Yes it is a theater performance featuring real life punks (and hc kids and mods) and was based on last year's Taking The Subs also directed by Tan Liting. Plenty of referrals to the significance of the Armenian Street!

3. Yes the timing is 11pm! And it will conclude with a performance by The Scene Kids, made up of the cast of the play!

4. Yes it is free!

5. Why are there two flyers? Because both were done by 2 of us out of enthusiasm, and they didnt know the other was doing. A happy coincidence. They came out at the same time, the resemblance is uncanny (it was birthed out of the same picture after all) but who cares.

6. Yes we have Bloco Singapura having some beats style collaboration!

Also some footnotes, the road (Armenian St) is closed for a fiesta of programmes (more info google NightFest) including music performances et al.

So come!

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