Monday, January 17, 2011

KAMI MASIH MUDA Fest (30 Jan 2011)

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Sunday 30 Jan 2011
The Substation Gallery
(yes the place usually reserved for exhibitions)
4pm doors open
Tickets $8 from the Substation Box Office

STRAIGHT FORWARD (two step youth crew!)
SIDELINE (90s hardcore revived!)
WITHIN ABSENCE (90's emo/indie adventurers!)
PAZAHORA (dark crust hc!)
EXKORIATOR (anarcrust warriors!)
ENAM JAHANAM (Ah Kong worship!)
NORPHRUNT (punkrawk in lurve!)
TAKE OVER (singalong crew!)
DIMENSIONS (heavy modern hc!)

* Kami Masih Muda Fest is organized by Prohibited Projects, and is a proud part of SINGULAR DRONE BOX; a 2 week art project presented by Zai Kuning and Onistudio @ The Substation Gallery. This show is co-supported by The Substation and Blackhole. 

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