Wednesday, February 16, 2011

upcoming shows in 2011!

Hello kids

We're set for a busy first half of 2011.

Get set for these shows!

- March 6 (Sunday) - with ONSET OF SERIOUS PROBLEMS (Indonesia blastcore!)
- March 16 (Wednesday) - with ALCOHOLIC NERD (UK fuzzy distorted hc!)
- May 19 (Thursday) - with The ARGIES (anthemic singalong street rock/punk from Argentina!)
- sometime in June - ZACK KOUNS (bizzaro noisician/folk from USA) and GRAND HOTEL PARADOX (punkrock from Dubai!)

Strangely I have not had a show scheduled for a Friday / Saturday yet this year. Fucking strange, but what the fuck. Punkrock is not for the weekends only!

See you in the pit!!!! Check back here for more details ASAP!!!!!!!

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