Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its the final third of the year already???!!!

What the fuck....

The year has passed too fast.

Any way if things go well, Prohibited Projects might get up and actually be running; way fucking over due huh. it depends on the money situation and if theres a proper workstation.

Gang Buster / Senza Tregua has barely moved, but 200 copies gone in 2 months is not bad at all. I need to contact SENZA TREGUA. I owe them royalty copies!!!!

Distros get in touch.

Anyway block Sunday 25th Sept on your calendar because Basque Country punks DISKOIRAA will be in town. Show presented by Pathetic Ape...

Also keep Thursday 10th November 2011 free....because The BUSINESS (Oi legends from UK) will play Singapore.

Watch this space!

Also, you heard it here and direct. Nuisance Records is an upcoming events label, run by the same idiot that does Prohibited Projects, but dont represent Prohibited Projects. Basically its a platform to do bigger scaled shows but still relatively DIY.

Prohibited Projects runs on a rouge guerilla anti-agenda. Haha i sound so cool.

Go figure and see you in the pit!!!

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