Friday, November 11, 2011

shows coming up Nov / Dec 2011

Hello bitches and bastards.

THE BUSINESS show fucking ripped, awesome as fuck singalongs, and one fight I didnt know about until the next day. Nobody died, nothing exploded and the show covered costs. In punkrock terms....FUCKING SUCCESS.

Possibly on 26th November (still working it out) we might host SEVEN CROWNS again....melodic punkrock from the UK. Please make it this post!

3 December Saturday will be a rare 'showcase' at the Substation featuring local idiots ENAM JAHANAM (a band of 6 hoodlums that represent crustcore, hc punk and oi...go figure). Will have an 'artistic' element to it (cheydeybah....) more info at

15th December Thursday. Venue THE SUBSTATION Gallery. We're part of a show set up by Blackhole/Pathetic Ape that will feature HARDA TIDER (Sweden fast hc!) as well as MILISI KECOA (angry hc punk from Indonesia!)....possibly one the best shows since I dont know when....fuck it just come and have fun!

Watch this space.

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