Friday, June 15, 2012

updates and teasers (July 2012)

Hello everyone

July 13th - IN THRASH // WE CRUST with DESECRATOR (Australia), TANTRA, CRUCIFERA and MINUS. More details soon.

July 14th - YOUNG TILL I DIE Festival with xNOBBQx (Australia), SCHOOL GIRL REPORT (Australia), The PSALMS, STELLARIUM, BEELZEBUD, NARROW MINDED, UNVISUAL, STAMPEDE and more! Details soon.

PULAU UBIN music/art festival has been postponed!

SEPTEMBER 15th we will be involved in a show featuring ENSLAVE (Japan epic crust!) as well as WICKED SUFFER (Indonesia thrash!)

SEPTEMBER 25th we will have old school anarchos SUBHUMANS (UK) in a show with SEVEN CROWNS (old school melodic punk UK).

NOVEMBER 1st we will do a show featuring two straightedge hardcore bands from Indonesia...

And a small mention of PSYCHIC ILLS (USA)...

Finally we'll release something by year end!

More info on these soon.

For now just get ready for a thrashing episode with DESECRATOR.

And of course dont forget the shows on 5th July and 11th July.

Promises to rip!

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