Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hello everyone

This is this coming Wednesday!

See you there!

Also, just some very important remarks.

Prohibited Projects is NOT professional, stuff is done from the heart, and we wouldnt have lasted so long and keeping on keeping on if not for lots of help from friends.

THANK YOU to all those who came and supported the shows, the door crew from the days of Hams and Yati, to the Vans-Watie-Mary combo, Cat + Terence the most vicious tag team for any door crew, Jazz, Azura, Wendy, Zana, Ashley etc. Hafiz and Blackhole for saving my life many times, Amir Kadir for having that crazy energy at that age, partners in crime like Pathetic Ape, Azadghei, Epidemic, TSS, etc. the Drunk Drivers squadron for not drinking when we need you, the general crew squad from our very first show, theres too many of you, particularly these few months have been fun, thanks so much to the crazy ass clan from B-Hood, P-Town, Siglap // Side and of course the unholy Ah Kong Brigade.

Lastly to The Substation for years and years of support for not only art, but for hardcore punk as well.

Thank you for helping keep the underground real and for putting so called professional gig organizers sucking their own thumbs.

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