Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi all

Private Parties 1 + 2 didnt go out too well but could be worse.

Thanks to those who came.

Thanks to those who helped out.

Sorry to The Psalms and Bloody Rejects because time ran out and you couldnt play.

Thanks to all bands who played and understood.

Those who couldnt come due to genuine reasons, its alright, hope to see you next time.

Those who couldnt come due to laziness, distance and general ignorance, fuck you, you bloody pieces of shit. Stop being spoilt consumerist whores. Go to a show once in a while.

Don't fucking understand the mentality of the so called scene, got to keep on keeping on. And people got to grow some fucking balls and stay punk otherwise there's no scene to go back to after you realize life in the 'real world' isnt so rosy. Haha. Go figure.

Anyway strange two months lie ahead.

8th August // Wednesday, 8pm, $10 at the door. With NEID (grindcore Italia) + 3 more bands TBC. Happening and confirmed at The Substation.

9th Sept // Sunday (details TBC). With WAKE THE DEAD (melodic hc, France)

15th Sept // Saturday (details TBC). With WICKED SUFFER (Indo thrash) and ENSLAVE (Japan emo crust hc). In collaboration with Blackhole212 (as usual, just this time Blackhole212 is 'boss')

18th Sept // Tuesday (details TBC). With CDC (beatdown hc from USA). Hopefully with some help from the new era generation of hc kids, simply because they need to get up and get some shit done.

25th Sept // Tuesday (very likely at Goldkist Resort, Lotus Room @ East Coastpark,) With SUBHUMANS (UK old Anarcho punk), SEVEN CROWNS (UK melodic punkrock) + 2 more bands TBC. Collaboration with T.L.R., and this time T.L.R.'s the boss too :-)

Full details in a few weeks.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

For now just read those zines, put on those tapes, circle pit till death and fuck shit up. Support the scene, dont be a fucking asshole, dont be irresponsible (you fuckers know who you are), and turn up at shows with your heart and mind in the right place. Punk goes beyond images you fucking assholes. We dont have a common space/hangout anymore, shows dont happen all the time so take some fucking effort to stay real. Please, you fucks.

The world is fucked, we need punkrock, grow some fucking balls and stay punk.

See you in the pit.

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