Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DISTRO DAY OUT 2013 // Jan 27th!


The first thing we're doing for the year and it seems crazed enough!

See you at DDO!

* update as of 24 Jan - Alpine Decline has cancelled their SE Asia tour, as of now the gig line up will read ABRASION, THE PSALMS, SNAGGLETOOTH! 

The itinerary for Distro Day Out 2013 listed bottom of this thread! 

"a carnival of South East Asian underground distros & labels"

Sunday 27 January 2013
The Substation Theatre (45 Armenian Street)
1pm till 11pm!
FREE ADMISSION! Bring friends!
“Distro”, short for ‘distribution’, has been an integral part of the underground music community-network since the 90s. Run on principles and mechanisms similar to the slightly more reknowned concept of the ‘bedroom label’, the distro has provided those involved in underground punk/hardcore/metal with an avenue to discover and explore music and literature that would otherwise be almost impossible to find.

Also acting as an alternative to corporate music chain-stores, the distro, while relatively obscure to those not in the loop, are far more accessible as both an enterprise and as a contact base within the DIY spectrum.

Distros worldwide, defunct and current, number in the thousands, and all offer a myriad of options. Some have remained relatively small and bedroom-run, while others retain the warmth of a bedroom label but with proper management and marketing, while a few have (arguably) sold out and have become ‘indie-majors’ operating full time with salaried employees. However most, if not all, are rooted in the same belief: to provide an alternative to music and art consumerism.

The distro, in the age of the internet and with the impending demise of alternative music counterculture as we know it, is under significant threat. Distro Day Out is thus a representation of various ideals; to remind us all that the pillars of an alternative and underground music scene was built on independent physical non-virtual representations (ie: paper zines, CDs, vinyl records, cassette tapes, etc), to remind us that anyone and everyone can be an alternative to the major label / mainstream filth that is forced down our throats everyday, to remind us of our right to ownership of what could be deemed ours. Most significantly, it is open to everyone for free, and everyone within the scene has every right to be part of it in any way, from setting up a little distro booth to just being part of a boisterous but fun carnival atmosphere in The Substation Theatre.

With a focus on South East Asian underground music ranging from hardcore, punk, indie, metal, reggae-ska to electronica, Distro Day Out will feature both casually run and established distros within the region, and everyone will converge and set up shop, giving the kids that reminder again. Yes, once again, ANYONE can walk in and set up shop.

Set up exhibition-gallery style in a flea market carnival concept, Distro Day Out is where one should go to see that the underground is beyond just gigs, it is where one should go to check out rare music and merchandise.

‘House’ music will be provided by DJ Bastard and friends, ‘spinning’ South East Asian hardcore, punk, metal and indie for the duration of the event and complemented by The Tujobelas, a noise-of-nature punk outfit who will perform sporadic sets at the Random Room, situated just beside the entrance of the Theater.

Distro Day Out 2013 will also wrap up aptly with performances in the Theater itself from 930pm onwards featuring ALPINE DECLINE (post rock from Los Angeles-Beijing), The PSALMS (poetry jazz punk) and ABRASION (stop start grindcore).

Organised and put together by Prohibited Projects with the support of The Substation, ‘terms and conditions’ as well as updates can be found at http://prohibitedprojects.blogspot.com

See you at Distro Day Out 2013!

DISTRO DAY OUT 2013 schedule
27 January 2013

1pm - DISTRO DAY OUT officially opens shop!
9pm - cessation of distro related activities + gig set up
10pm - The PSALMS
1030pm - ABRASION
11pm - end + close shop!
* gig might start earlier by 15 mins

Random Room
2pm - RR opens
3pm - The TUJOBELAS first set
5pm - The TUJOBELAS second set
730pm - The TUJOBELAS third set
* Random Room also serves as a walk-in utility room for DDO 2013

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