Tuesday, February 19, 2013

March through April

A gentle reminder of what this is all about :
Listen people. This is not a music portal. Bands stop sending in cheesy demos in online formats or asking for guitar tabs or promoting your 'musical' project. This is not music.
This is a representation of the real underground. No sponsors, and proud of it. No gimmicks. No marketing shit. I dont want marketable bands with the trendy sounds, there are other places for you, not here.
This is the underground. For the crazy drunk circle pitting nihilistic asshole pissed off at the world and having a wall of noise as the soundtrack of existence.
We are unprofessional as fuck.
This is based on respect and hate, not marketability and selling points.
Yes we want the sick shit. 
Hardcore punk = you either get it or you dont.

Hello all

Past 3 weeks was insane, crazy enough to give me a fever for a while.

DISTRO DAY OUT, 7 DAYS OF PRINTING MATTER, HARDCORE HELL IV, CONGRESS OF WEIRD FOOLS 4 and SATURDAY NIGHT FASTCORE all happened at one go, at times it made it hard to breathe but oh well....it was fucking fun.

Got a bit of a break while the rest of the hoodlums from the DIY hc punk community take over with their own initiatives in March. Prohibited Projects will be helping out one way or another as usual.

March 2013
Sat 2 March - HELL AND HELL (Japan) plays Home Club along with Demisor and other bands. Starts early so be forwarned!

Sun 3 March - HELL AND HELL studio show! 7pm onwards. Details soon.

Sun 17 March - with DUCT TAPE SURGERY (Indo fastcore!), ABRASION and SMILING JOHNSON @ L-Cube Studios

Fri 22 March - with TRAGEDY (USA dark hc lords) and more...

April 2013
Fri 12 April - FRIDAY NIGHT THRASH (a Prohibited Projects show after a much needed break!) with TOUCHED BY NAUSEA (South Africa thrash punk!), SNAGGLETOOTH (punk & roll), TANTRA (blackened hymns), CRUCIFERA (Ubin senile punk), DAZE (punx boozers, first show!). All @ The SUBSTATION.

Tues 30 April - VIVISICK (Japan thrash!) stopover show!

and more as they come!

Support honest underground DIY shows (regardless of who does them) that still holds true to its principles in terms of ethics, affordability and community. We are all we have, as some say.

And of course not forgetting http://lioncitydiy.blogspot.com is back on track!!!

See you in the pit!

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