Wednesday, March 26, 2014

wooot wooot!

wooot wooot!

Take note of these upcoming shows for March till May! Flyers are in previous posts, or they will be uploaded in a brand new thread come April! Some are done solely by Prohibited Projects, some as a collab, some by other great souls in the scene. Whatever it's all DIY. Co-operate not compete!

Saturday // 29 March - ANIMAL FACES @ PINK NOIZE. with Barefood (Indonesia), Spacedays, Daily Ritual, The Psalms. (7pm // $8)

Sunday // 30 March - BLASTING EVENING @ The Substation with SETE STAR SEPT (Japan), TERROR OF DYNAMITE ATTACK (Indonesia), TERSANJUNG 13 (Indonesia), XRDM (Borneo), INQUIRY LAST SCENERY (Malaysia), EKOTOLOGISKT MORKER (Sweden), The Psalms, Backlash, Buzzkill, Hollow Threat, Abrasion! (4pm // $15)

Thursday // 17 April - THURSDAY NIGHT THRASH REVENGE @ The Substation with VICIOUS CIRCLE (Australia), Charade, Witchseeker, Dementia, Revel, Vaarallinen, AllOut (730pm // $15)

Sunday // 20 April - PLAYDAN @ The Substation with UNITED KIDS OF OI (Sarawak, Borneo), THE END (Indonesia), THE PIRATES II (Indonesia), Unknown Soldier, Enam Jahanam, Generation 69, Rejected Scums, Hoodlum (5pm // $12)

Sunday // 4 May - ANGER MANAGEMENT FEST @ The Substation with STRAIGHT ANSWER (Indonesia), MONUMENT X (Thailand), BIG D and The Kids Table (USA), RVIVR (USA), B.C, 2Fold, Radigals, SiFulan, Sjanse, Daily Ritual, Cesspit, Generation 69, Full Pledged Munkees. (2pm // $20 before 4pm // $25 after 4pm)

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