Thursday, July 17, 2014

the calm before the storm (or rather the reminder before the flurry of show flyers!)

Hello all.

Thank you for the support, especially those who helped and came to every show and "got it".

Prohibited Projects is proud to be part of the small circle of punk-hardcore show organizers that does not operate like everyone else, that is not motivated by profit, that does not really bother when praised or talked down (with all due respect!). 

That does not need to 'sell' shows too hard to cover a pointless "band fee", that does not say yes to every single demand, that is always free to negotiate and is very conscious of the local scene economic situation, that doesnt bother to compete because this is not what it is all about.

That loves to check out new bands, that will simply tell you to piss off when you deserve it, that loves the fact that we do not need to depend on social media (having said that, all favours by friends on social media are very welcome and appreciated though) to survive, that will welcome bands nobody books; because they dont pull in a crowd, because they are unknown, because they are simply untalented or because they are full of assholes. 

We are not about music. We are always and forever for the rejects, the crazies, the misfits, the drunks, the chaotic, the havoc, the unloved, the strange, the processes, the difficult times in life and all those other uneasy aspects of existence.

If you come from a difficult environment, if your band comes from a country nobody knows or cares about, if your band has only sold 2 copies of your 1000 press run CD because you are full of ugly fucks who play too fast....drop us a line!

Prohibited Projects will also gladly boycott someone or something for a good reason and make sure you know it. We're flexible, adaptable but sometimes you need to take a stand.

Hardcore punk is about facing and sometimes punching reality in the face.

Thank you all bands, friends, crew and venues for making our existence a fruitful and enriching and sometimes painful one.

Hardcore punk : you either get it or you dont :)

This comment is a reaction to the general activity of the Singapore underground, which comes with good and bad. This is not a comment to anyone so don't get paranoid.

If you dont agree with us, its fine...but make sure you support the other organizers and promoters who might not think the same way as us, but struggle everyday to make the music-underground a very real and accessible way to survive in this capitalist shithole. If you disagree, then get off your fucking asshole and do something that you think justifies your stand or ethics.

Dare to disagree, but dare to support as well. You spell out your own choices.

Now get ready for a hell of a lot of flyer posts within the next few days.

Chaos forever!