Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August - December 2014

It's fucking mad.

Firstly check out Armenian Street on Fri 29 August and Sat 30 August for NIGHT FESTIVAL. Free. We've got live music, art and wrestling! Gonna be bonkers. Yes, you read it right, it's FREE!

Our gig schedule for the rest of 2014 is below.

Posters for October, November, December are not complete, i'll list flyers only by the current and following month, in this case only August (then again I dont have the flyer so what the fuck....just check www.substation.org for info) and September.

September 4 (Thurs) @ Pink Noize with Heights (UK), Calvaire and Sjanse. Terror Circus pulled out. 8pm // $10-$15

September 5 (Friday) @ Pink Noize. NIGHT OF CIRCLE PIT #4 with Innocent (Japan), Priceless Stupid Box (Malaysia), Bacteriostatic (Malaysia), Radigals, Hardihood, Rubix, Iman's League and State Of Decay. 7pm // $10

September 14 (Sunday) @ Aliwal Arts Centre with Orator (Bangladesh), Exhumation (Indonesia), Savage Deity (Thailand), Goatchrist666 (Thailand), Nuclear Warfare (Thailand), Blasphmachine (Malaysia). 6pm // $15-$20

September 17 (Wednesday) @ Pink Noize. A NOT-SO-QUIET EVENING with Joelistics (Melbourne hip hop), Rejected Scums, Moira and Temasek Ska Dansa. 7pm // $10

(below is not a Prohibited Projects show but a fun kick ass DIY manic punk-hc-crust show regardless....come!) 


October 6th (Monday) @ Lithe Paralogue Museum Of Independent Music. PLAYGROUND OF DOOM with Noisearcade (noise China-USA), Ironhawk (Australia motorpunk), Jack Kerouac (noise from Malaysia), To Die (Indonesia noise), Putrid Scum, Circuit Trip, S*I*N, The Pavement Heretics, NZSDLX, R.E.D., Hiltzen. 4pm // $10

October 17th (Friday) @ Pink Noize MAKING ANGUISH A THREAT AGAIN with Elizabeth (Swiss hc punk), Tapestry, SiFulan, Stellarium, Daily Ritual, Sjanse, Backlash, Abrasion, B.C. 7pm // $10-$15 

October 26th (Sunday) @ The Substation Theater. FUN & LAUGHTER Fest III with The Majestic (Bandung rock & roll), The Zozi, Emerald St, Irietones, Lion City Ska Jazz Ensemble, The Groovys, Farrago, The Feebles, The Full Pledge Munkees. 3pm // $15-$20


November 2 (Sunday) @ Pink Noize. HALLOWEEN IS OVER BUT PUNK'S STILL NOT DEAD! with Demanda (Japan punk & roll), Degenerate (Japan hc punk monsters), BS180, Outlasting Outcast, Beelzebud and more tbc. 6pm // $10

November 8 (Saturday) @ The Substation. WHERE WERE YOU Fest with a lot of old Singapore bands (23 confirmed bands as of today!) wherewereyoufest.blogspot.com

November 21, 22, 23 (Fri-Sun) @ The Substation. Punk theater production. More info soon


December 6th (Saturday) @ The Substation. THE SOUNDS OF LIGHT Festival (shoegaze, postrock show). with Ovum (Japan) and more bands TBC. In collab with Canopus Distro.

December 24th (Wednesday) @ TBC. NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS with Resist (Bandung punk), Keparat (Bandung punk) and more!


Oh we were mad enough to plan these too for 2015!

January 3rd (Saturday) @ Pink Noize. NEW YEAR DISORDER (Chaos In Rumah Api spillover show) with Hidden Intent (Australia thrash) and more bands TBC

January 31st (Saturday) @ The Substation....DISTRO DAY OUT 2015!!! 

Prohibited Projects is honoured and very thankful to The Substation, Pink Noize and friends/acquaintances/bands/crew/collaborators from the DIY punk hardcore and artist community as well as our other afficionados and individuals who just love it raw and honest. Thank you. It shows we just need human support and respect, not sub-par commercial identities, nor multiple social media accounts to get things done.

By the way we still have the ugliest blogspot in the scene! Proud only because it's honest hahaha

Support blogspot or die!

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