Friday, October 10, 2014

second half of October 2014

Yo folks!

We got 2 shows for the rest of the month!

In a few days time we have MAKING ANGUISH A THREAT AGAIN (Friday // 17 Oct)....flyer as per the one below, however Abrasion and Stellarium have pulled out mainly due to schedule problems. Fucking bummer. But life goes on. And dont bother finding an edited flyer, old school cut and paste is how we do things (yes thats paper, scissors and glue and one print run of flyers). And yes entry is still $10 before 9pm and $15 after 9pm. So that you folks will come early and watch the bands. If you can only come after 9pm and are on a budget, feel free to talk to the folks at the door :)

Also we have FUN & LAUGHTER FEST III (October 26, Sunday), and have Tanjung Pinang punkrawkers P*LER back on the bill!

Gonna be sick, also theres gonna be A WHOLE FUCKING LOT of shows for November, December and January 2015 too!

There are also shows done by other folks who believe in this underground music thing, so support whatever you can!

Look out for these shows below!

November 2014
2 Nov - Sunday Disorderly IV (before Frank Blackfire showcase) @ The Substation (TBA)
8 Nov - Where Were You Fest ( @ The Substation
21 Nov - Taking The Subs (punk theater) + We Ride show @ The Substation (by The Substation + Street Noise Productions) 
22 Nov - Taking The Subs  @ The Substation

?? Nov - Killer Calculateur show

December 2014
6 Dec - The Sounds Of Light Festival @ The Substation
18 Dec - Wasted Weekdays #2 with Veins (Indonesian melodic hc), Hollow Threat @ TBC 
24 Dec - The Nightmare Before Xmas @ Pink Noize with Standfree (Bandung hc), Resist (Bandung punk), Keparat (Bandung punk)

January 2015

2 Jan - New Year Thrash Solution w/ Hidden Intent (Australia) + Imminent Pyschosis (Australia) + Da, Smert! (Russia) @ Pink Noize

30 Jan - Distro Day Out pre-party with Klaus Legal (France), Octopouple (France) Rantau Ranjau (Indonesia), Straight Answer (Indonesia)31 Jan - Distro Day Out 2015 @ The Substation, look out for a two-day possibility

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