Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November and December 2014


The next 2 shows arent Prohibited Projects per se but we are privileged to have a big hand in them. 

And then the one in December is a collab with Canopus Distro, also not a typical Prohibited Projects show but we've seen stranger things surely.

Go figure, absorb and attend.


8th NOVEMBER - WHERE WERE YOU? Fest....a reunion of 90s Singapore bands!

21 + 22 NOVEMBER - TAKING THE SUBS : Punkrock theater + hardcore punk. Go figure!

6th DECEMBER - THE SOUNDS OF LIGHT (post rock / shoegaze / ambient show)

And more information in advance

18th December - VEINS (Jakarta post hc), HOLLOW THREAT and more bands! @ Pink Noize

24th December - NIGHTMARE BEFORE X'MAS with STANDFREE, RESIST, KEPARAT (all Bandung hc-punk!) @ Pink Noize

Jan 2015
Jan 2 - NEW YEAR THRASOLUTION with HIDDEN INTENT, IMMINENT PYSCHOSIS (both Australia thrash), DA,SMERT! (Russia punk) @ Pink Noize

Jan 20 - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II with CHU (doom sludge from Khazakhstan) @ venue TBC

Jan 30 - DISTRO DAY OUT Pre Party - STRAIGHT ANSWER (Indonesia hardcore), RANTAU RANJAU (Indonesia noise), KLAUS LEGAL (France noise), OCTOPOUPLE (France noise) @ Venue TBC

Jan 31 - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015

Mark your calendars!

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