Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hello friends!

Happy new year!

Thank you for the support through out!

To be honest we dont remember when we established ourselves as Prohibited Projects, we cannot remember how many shows we've done, how much money we've lost (very likely) or made (very unlikely).

We however remember the bands that played, the times that were either amazing or sickening.

We remember friends who supported the music and art, the friends that helped out, the people that caused fights, the people that stopped fights!

We constantly thank venues and sound companies that support our crazy and noisy projects; from The Substation to Crawlspace to Blackhole212 to Pink Noize to Independent Archives & Resource Centre to Lithe Paralogue aka Museum Of Independent Music.

We still do not have a budget, we still take financial risks, we still get into debt and/or borrow money to get things done.

We are still DIY, independent, and never rely on marketing ploys or sub-mainstream ways of doing things. We still dont see the need for corporate support or sponsorships, though we wish more of you fuckers will turn up supporting DIY shows so we dont have to keep raising gig entry fees every few years.

We always rely and depend on genuine support from you crazy punks / skins / hardcorians / grindcore kids / metalheads / noisemongers / skramzters / thrashers / idealists / mods / artists and weirdoes that give us a reason to put on shows week in week out and hoping for the best turnout and atmospheres.

We still depend and are forever thankful to friends who help as a favour who help set up and tear down sound systems, who design flyers, who man the door, who lend us money, who abuse their work privileges to get us discounts on lodging or transport, who trust us with IOUs, who help stop fights in the pit.

We are still DIY without an office, without a banner, without a social media account (thank you however to those on social media who constantly promote our shows as a favour), without finances, without all that hipsterish 'big dream' bullshit.

We still rely on SMS and email to get things done.

For some reason, it feels right to retain the warmth of these things in this era of technological advancements..

Are you THREATENED and CONVINCED by the power of the DIY underground yet?

We hope so.

Honest DIY music and noise is still here, and forever it will be.

Here's to more chaos and fuck offs!

Flyers here include flyers of other DIY shows. Of course we promote it as well. 

We hope DIY is a threat to your hedonistic, selfish, capitalist, pretentious 'indie music scene' and major label music industry that only serves selfish and hedonistic purposes.

And oh yes...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Keep it real.

We are also indirectly involved in SOUND STEADY SATURDAY on 14th Feb, a one day alternative music fest spanning across all independent venues in the Aliwal Street / North Bridge Road area.

More details soon!

Also note these dates!

20th February (Friday) - FRIGHT NIGHT with FINGERPRINT (Medan hc-metal), THRUOUTIN & WANG SHENGNAN (China portrait sounds), REVEL, TOMORROWS EVER ENDING, AXAGON, INTIFADAH @ PINK NOIZE - 6pm till end! $10 entry. * This falls on a public holiday!

6th March (Friday) - FAST*AS*FUKK Part One with VENGEANCE TODAY (Germany), SUBTLE, B.C, SICKED, DEMENTIA. @ Pink Noize - 9pm till last bus! $10 entry!

6th April (Monday) FAST*AS*FUKK Part Two with HIEROPHANT (Italy), SJANSE, ABOLITION A.D. and 1 more band. Venue The Substation. $10 at the door.

16th April (Thursday) - FAST*AS*FUKK Part Three with DISABUSE (Philippines), COMMIT ARSON (Philippines) + MILD SHAG 1 local opener. @ Pink Noize - 8pm till 11pm! $10 entry!

Interesting fact : All FAST*AS*FUKK shows have a '6' in the dates. So evil...

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