Monday, January 11, 2016

DISTRO DAY OUT 2016 // 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY // 30 January 2016

Hello friends

30th JANUARY 2016 will be a wild one!

See you there!

Some anticipated questions
1) What the hell is this? 
This is DISTRO DAY OUT 2016, a 5th Year Anniversary. By circumstances and coincidences it will host 4 events all under one roof, THE SUBSTATION at 45 Armenian Street. 

This will have
- DISTRO DAY OUT @ The Substation Gallery (the one with glass doors) where a host of distros will gather and sell / trade merch! 1pm till 11pm, FREE ADMISSION. 

- DISTRO DAY OUT GALLERY OF NOISE @ The Substation Gallery closes the event with a 2 hour blast of harsh noise / drone / power electronics and the fuck knows what else. Distros will still operate while this goes on. 9pm till 11pm, FREE ADMISSION

- THE EXPLOITED concert @ The Substation Theater (the black box type place) where we will have legendary UK punks The EXPLOITED as well as a host of other bands (flyer to be placed here soon soon). 3pm till 10pm TICKETED EVENT. 

- DISTRO DAY OUT After Party @ The Substation is a concert after a concert! From 10pm till 12midnight.  $10 ENTRY, separate event from The Exploited show. 

2) Why so many events?
Total coincidence with the bands from out of town. DDO also always runs on the last weekend of January. Always. We either do it at more than one location and divide the community, or use common sense and bring everyone together to witness a disastrous spectacle. We prefer the latter, and most punks feel the same way.

3) Why wouldnt both concerts just be one and not confuse everyone?
Both concerts had their own little deals and agreements, to put them together would just be admin hell. So to keep it separate but under one roof keeps things sensible and fair. Not everyone will want to go to both shows.

4) Cool, can my band play? Sorry, no. It's less than 3 weeks to the show. 

5) Why are some events free and some not? Cost, circumstances and the nature of each event. We all have our own little agreements/arrangements at the same time we want to keep this affordable.

6) Will walk-ins still be permitted in DISTRO DAY OUT?
Yes but the usual terms apply. You get your own little floor space. You are responsible for everything. However in recent DDO events people have acted like dicks and took full advantage of this openness. Things like not saying thank you or just being in the way. Some sold quite a lot of shit but made no decency to donate some funds to offset costs of running this. It is not really about the money, but sometimes people do things that show what shitheads they really are. We encourage some humanity around here you know?

7) Why the Gallery? Your recent DDOs were in the theater? Was the concert the reason? To be honest we ALWAYS preferred the Gallery. it is more affordable, it is more sensible as a space, but availability was always an issue. We had our first ever DDO in the Gallery and to have it back for our 5th year anniversary is always fantastic!

8) Why so many details on the flyer?
Because smart people will read and understand and maybe ask questions to understand deeper. Stupid ones will read everything and then have no fucking idea, and then ask stupid questions again closer to the date. Might as well just write it down in the simplest possible form and let life run its course.

See you!!! 


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