Monday, June 27, 2016


Holy shit

This will be amongst the most crucial things we'll ever do!

Let the descriptions below speak for themselves.

OBSTACLE UPSURGE - pioneering 90s era all girl hardcore!

RECOVER - singalong hardcore legends!

PAZAHORA - one of the best dark hardcore outfits from here ever!

YUMI - when emo hc still reeked of punk elements....!

PROTEST - 90s raw punk back again after a massive hiatus!

RADIGALS - all girl hardcore, the modern version!

CSO - 80s revivalist hardcore style from the modern kids!

OBSCURE - 90s style hardcore...still angry!

BLOODY MINDED - skinhead hardcore for life!

ADHARA - dark hardcore, brutally melodic...! 

BC - grind and noise inspired blast hc!

TURNING AGAINST - heavy metallic 90s influenced hc!

DEMENTIA - circle pit inducing hardcore!

STATE OF PAIN - knuckles high kicks and bodies flying in the air....!

WILSON'S WAR - a great symbol of how integrated Singapore is....all expats, teachers in their 40s playing classic hardcore

AMBITIOUS BUT RUBBISH - hc thrash fast with a high octane energy!

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