Sunday, May 14, 2017

Be Right Back // DDO 2017 Side B // shows in the later 2017

Hello all

FRIDAY NIGHT FURY was awesome. 

ZINES NOT DEAD did not have the usual 'punk bazaar' turnout but it was enriching. No structure, total mess, absentees all over the place; fucking perfect. It prompted genuine honest responses and interest from those who attended.

We will be back on 29th JULY 2017 for DISTRO DAY OUT (Side B).

For those not in the know, DDO will now be held twice a year. 

Every January (side A) and July (side B).
The cassette references are fucking obvious.

Also we will have a hand in a PUNK MUSEUM (working title still) with THE SUBSTATION in August and September.

We will also be back with shows the last few months of 2017 with CENIZAS (Chile metalcore) and ni-hao (experimental punk from Japan)


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