Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More about Prohibited Projects

DIY label.
Hardcore punk.
From Singapore.
The Print Conference(s).
Screenings maybe.
Someday vinyl.
Whacky ideas, some fucked up.
Abandoned buildings.
Shows in the strangest places.

No rip off.
Stuck in the 90's era of cut and paste.
Not the most efficient because I'm lazy.
But honest.

Served a life sentence.
The straight edge life sentence of 25 years.
Now I got the right to be a drunk punk.

Haha. I made a funny.

Below is a run down of Prohibited Projects releases.

(PP01-03) - never available anymore on Earth. good luck. First person to guess everything in order wins a prize.
(out and selling fast)
(PP04) PAZAHORA full length CD (last 200 copies!)
(PP05) STRONZA demo tape (Co-release with Azadghei Recs)
(PP06) DISCONVENIENCE CD (Swedish 77 pogo punk! co-release with CACTUS Records)
(PP07) CRUX / PAZAHORA CD (grim hc thrash from Australia meets dark melodic crust from with CACTUS Records and TENZENMEN)

(soon!) BLINDED HUMANITY / SARJAN HASSAN (total drunkcore dbeat crust from Singapore meets hellraising crossover thrashcore from Malaysia!)

(soon!) NOSE CANDY discography CD (defunct melodic punkrock from Singapore, supremely catchy. possibly the most under-rated and under-appreciated punkrock band from Singapore ever!)

(soon) GANG BUSTER / SENZUA TREGUA CD (anti fascist Oi from Malaysia and Italy!)

(2009!) CHOKE COCOI full length CD (all girl hc, Philippines)

c/o Shaiful
Bedok Central Post Office
PO Box 530
Singapore 914605

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