Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PROHIBITED PROJECTS new releases, out by March 2011!

Hello people

I just got a new work contract for one year that's paying me decent dough, so with the extra money I'm going to be a responsible label for once and get my releases out.

Expect these out by Feb 2011, hopefully by end of 2010 if things go well!

BLINDED HUMANITY / SARJAN HASSAN (total drunkcore dbeat crust from Singapore meets hellraising crossover thrashcore from Malaysia!)

discography CD (defunct melodic punkrock from Singapore, supremely catchy. possibly the most under-rated and under-appreciated punkrock band from Singapore ever!)

(anti fascist Oi from Malaysia and Italy!)
if all goes better, then these releases by June 2011

- KAKTUS KARUKA (hc thrash, Philippines!)
- MONDOK / MANUSIAL split tape (drunk crust hc vs D-beat hardcore, 2 short lived project bands from Singapore)
- LEAD (II) NITRATE full length CD (yet to be titled, featuring last 2 recordings of this emo hc/punk outfit)
- BATAM Hardcore/Punk compilation (yet to be named, hc punk oi madness from the tiny island of Batam in Riau, Indonesia)

As usual no myspace, no Facebook promotion, so print and webzines be sure to get in touch for promos. Or just check this space out every few days.

Distros - sorry i dont really trade as i'm a lousy distro myself but I wholesale like a drunk salesman so make full use of this opportunity to get some kick ass Asian hardcore punk with quality material on quality outputs for a low price.

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