Wednesday, November 14, 2012

last 3 shows for 2012!

yo everyone

these are the last 3 shows for 2012!

the closing show for 2012, DISASTER Fest, looks to be a blast! a touring bill with 7 - yes - SEVEN fucking touring bands! yes people i have lost my mind!

come check out all shows!!!!! thank you for supporting DIY independent angry music!


First off, in less than 2 weeks we're going to have HARDCORE DESTRUCCION 3 with the usual comrades Blackhole212 and friends. with LAST CHAOS (noisy distort punk, Australia), NUCLEAR SUMMER (twisted post-pop, Australia), DAIGHILA (screamo gila, Malaysia), VAARALLINEN (Scandi worship), RUBIX (punkrock attack) and BLACK TERROR (stench crust) all at the Substation. 24th Nov Saturday, $10 at the door, 5pm!!

Not too long after it will be Friday 7th Dec (FRIDAY NIGHT THRASH @ The Substation) with HAILGUN (Aus), The VAGINORS (Aus), EMPATBELAS (Indo), ORCHESTRA OF WOLVES (Malaysia), VAARALLINEN (Scandi hc worship!) STAMPEDE (Lion City rapcore rejuvenated) and ENAM JAHANAM (Ah Kong Drunk Brigade)!

 (full info soon) Saturday 29th Dec (DISASTER Fest, @ Pasir Ris Holiday Camp, Elias Road near Carpark E) with NINE ELEVEN (France hc), SWEET TEETH (Australia chaos pop), MICHAEL CRAFTER (Australia grind), SETE STAR SEPT (Japan grind), BOULEVARD (Malaysia hc), DESTRUCTION ZERO (Borneo hc), ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS (Malaysia grind!) and more! Also will be PAZAHORA's last show for a good 3 years!!! Also featuring DISTRUST, 2FOLD, BLOODY REJECTS and more bands TBC!

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