Monday, December 31, 2012


Hello everyone!


2012 has been crazy, its been rough some parts, awesome other parts!

I still feel the year has gone by too fast.

Not too good as you get older and people around you lose grip of things.

oh well, that's life.

Firstly thanks to all crew (esp Amir and Hafiz), the bands 2FOLD, DISTRUST, PAZAHORA, BLOODY REJECTS, ROUNDHOUSE, SETE STAR SEPT, NINE ELEVEN, BOULEVARD, ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS, DESTRUCTION ZERO, SWEET TEETH, MICHAEL CRAFTER and last minute addition - biker Kevin from Ireland, the distros and generally everyone who attended for making DISASTER FESTIVAL a resounding success. Fucking crazy way to end the year! It was stressful on our end definitely but i dont think i could have it any other way.

We have shows confirmed (or in negotiations) all the way to November 2013. Fuck!!!!!

A teaser for everyone this year (in bold confirmed, in italics likely! Prohibited Projects either fully in charge of those shows or partially involved)

27th Jan - DISTRO DAY OUT 2013!

1 Feb- HARDCORE HELL 4 @ The Substation - with THE RIVER CARD (UK hc), POWER OF IDEA (Japan crustcore), The MANIACS (oi!), RADIGALS (hc), ENAM JAHANAM (chaos) all confirmed!

9 Feb - CONGRESS OF WEIRD FOOLS IV @ The Substation with FILASTINE (Indonesia-Spain) and more!

16 Feb - SATURDAY NIGHT FASTCORE @ Venue TBC with MARTYR (Indonesia hc) and FOREVER YOUNG (Malaysia hc)

17 March - with DUCT TAPE SURGERY (Indonesia thrash! details TBC)

22 March - TRAGEDY (dark hc overlords, USA)

12 April with TOUCHED BY NAUSEA (South Africa thrash punk hc)

30 April with VIVISICK (Japan thrash!)
and a hell of a lot of other stuff....!!!

See you in the circle pits of doom!!!!

* this thread has been updated on 16 Jan 2013. if it seems different from when you last read....guess is. VICIOUS CIRCLE have postponed their trip, as did VIALKA. SAVAGE DEITY cancelled too. No problems, this is life.

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