Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Countdown to the end of 2013....(not really). And an early 2014 teaser...!

Hello all!

Thanks for the thorough support, not of Prohibited Projects per se, but the idea of a DIY underground hardcore punk scene.

Prohibited Projects can never have existed pulling off shows and events without the help of Blackhole212 and The Substation family, as well as countless individuals and friends from the related circles both locally and internationally. A billion thanks!!!!

We are NOT doing any countdown or year end shows this time round, HOWEVER a hell of a lot of us in the Singapore DIY community will be involved in the SINGAPUNK Biennale, a partner art programme of the Singapore Biennale 2013. The go-to site is or email

Their programmes are from 16-20 December 2013 (with a possibility of a groundbreaking fringe event on 21st December), as well as a 20-26 January 2014 stretch. We're looking at performances, exhibitions, shows, installations, punk theater and of course fun as fuck DIY parties.

Watch out for the opening day program on 16th December 2013, Monday at The Substation Theater from 730pm till 1030pm! FREE ENTRY!

Oh and in between the December - January SINGAPUNK Biennale programmes, there will be a welcoming to the new year massive show, THURSDAY NIGHT THRASH Grande Edition. So if you're working during the new year countdown, dont feel so bad because post-New Year's Day is gonna be a hell of a lot better!!!

Keep this date in your memos folks!

2 January 2014
The Substation Theater
730pm - 11pm
$15 at the door
VAARALLINEN (P-town Scandi hc!)
ENAM JAHANAM (Ah Kong hc punk oi!)
APPARATUS (Malaysia crust!)
SCUMRAID (Korea crasher crust!)
ENDORPHINS LOST (USA grind/powerviolence!)
CRUTCHES (Swedish D-beat punk!)
XSAXONX (Scotland fast hardcore!)

Hardcore punk beyond the weekends!

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