Thursday, December 26, 2013

January 2014!

Hello all

So, remember there's a show on 2 January yeah?

Also (this was added at 3am on 1 Jan 2014!)...a teaser for  
8pm starts! 
with 13DAS (Kedah raw punk-hc), EXHIBITORS and BACKLASH! 
$10 entry ok go!
 Paper flyers will be given out on Thursday Night Thrash Grande Edition! See ya!!!

And a teaser for one of the closing days for SINGAPUNK BIENNALE 2014 January programmes! A rare link up, and the 3rd year running....DISTRO DAY OUT 2014!!!!

The 'manifesto' below, if you cant read from the flyer

“Distro”, short for ‘distribution’, has been an integral part of the underground music community-network since the 90s. Run on principles and mechanisms similar to the slightly more reknowned concept of the ‘bedroom label’, the distro has provided those involved in underground punk/hardcore/metal with an avenue to discover and explore music and literature that would otherwise be almost impossible to find.

Also acting as an alternative to corporate music chain-stores, the distro, while relatively obscure to those not in the loop, are far more accessible as both an enterprise and as a contact base within the DIY spectrum.
Distros worldwide - defunct and current - number in the thousands, and all offer a myriad of options. Some have remained relatively small and bedroom-run, while others retain the warmth of a bedroom label but with proper management and marketing, while a few have (arguably) sold out and become ‘indie-majors’ operating full time with salaried employees. However most, if not all, are rooted in the same belief: to provide an alternative to music and art consumerism.

The distro, in the age of the internet and with the impending demise of alternative music counterculture as we know it, is under significant threat. Distro Day Out is thus a representation of various ideals; to remind us all that the pillars of an alternative and underground music scene was built on independent physical non-virtual representations (ie: paper zines, CDs, vinyl records, cassette tapes, etc), to remind us that anyone and everyone can be an alternative to the major label / mainstream filth that is forced down our throats everyday; to remind us of our right to ownership of what could be deemed ours. Most significantly, it is open to everyone for free, and everyone within the scene has every right to be part of it in any way, from setting up a little distro booth to just being part of a rare unprecedented carnival atmosphere in The Substation Gallery.
With a focus on South East Asian underground music ranging from hardcore, punk, indie, metal, reggae-ska to electronica, Distro Day Out will feature both casually run and established distros within the region, and everyone will converge and set up shop, giving the kids that reminder again. Yes... ANYONE can walk in and set up shop!

Set up exhibition-gallery style in a flea market carnival concept, Distro Day Out is where one should go to see that the underground is beyond just gigs, it is where one should go to check out rare music and merchandise. Thus we hope to see you within the sparse confines of The Substation Gallery on Saturday, 25 January 2014, from 3pm to 9pm! It's free admission, so bring your friends!

is put together for the 3rd year running, with the priceless help once again of The Substation, and this time interestingly fitting in with a programme of The Singapunk Biennale; a partner collaborative of the SINGAPORE BIENNALE 2013.
Updates for DISTRO DAY OUT 2014 can be found on or by emailing

Also some upcoming shows with GUIGUISUISUI (UK-China blues punk), CUSTODIA (Ecuador hardcore) and more!!!

Also support other upcoming shows done by comrades and other show organizers! We've got legends like EXTREME NOISE TERROR and DOOM coming in February! Just check here for more info!

Chaos and defiance forever!

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