Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MAY 2014 + HARDCORE HELL 6 (25th May 2014)!

Hello all

Thanks for the awesome support for ANGER MANAGEMENT Fest! 

First time we needed such a high door entry fee but it was necessary! Thankfully all costs were covered! Thank you!

So there are 3-4 shows happening in May. Its very likely your ears will bleed and you could end up deaf!

Saturday // 10 May - NOIZE #1 @ PINK NOIZE. With 'resident' bands BLACK TERROR,  PUTRID SCUM as well as thrashers SINTOXICATE and WITCHSEEKER! $10 // 6pm

Friday // 23 May - MPIRE OF EVIL @ The SUBSTATION Theater. Supported by BATTLESTORM and SNAGGLETOOTH. $35 at the door // 8pm 

Saturday // 24 May - HARDCORE DESTRUCCION #8 @ PINK NOIZE. Featuring SCABEATER (Australia, SNAGGLETOOTH and GRANDFIST. $10 at the door // 9pm!

Sunday // 25 May - HARDCORE HELL 6 @ PINK NOIZE. With CUSTODIA (Ecuador) SCABEATER (Australia punk hc), TIPPING POINT, HOLLOW THREAT, SUBTLE, BACKLASH, TSA. $15 // 5pm!

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