Monday, June 2, 2014



Look out for these shows on these dates.

We're having a secondary involvement mainly helping out with the show or just spreading the word. Nothing fixed yet for PP till August onwards.

JUNE 8th (Sun) - SOUL SUNDAYS II with Zoo (India), The Livid Sun, The Feebles, The Pinholes, Faux Pas, Lost Weekend and Lion City Ska-Jazz Ensemble. Mainly ska, electropop, rock & roll and indie. Organized by Casual Concepts Communications. 5pm // $15.

* in case it matters, the shows before in Red ink are Prohibited Projects shows or collaboratives with us. In black text are shows done by other DIY heroes.

JUNE 11th (Wed) - TACTICAL ATTACK (Australian hardcore) + some other bands at PINK NOIZE

JUNE 14th (Sat) - MODSWING SINGAPORE 2014 @ The Substation. Organized by Modswing SG.

JUNE 28th (Sat) - BLINDED HUMANITY, PAZAHORA and ABRASION @ PINK NOIZE. Organized by Blackhole212. Blinded Humanity tape release, PAZAHORA vinyl release party. 9pm // $10 and its going to be fucking killer! Trust us!  (flyer below)


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