Sunday, February 12, 2017

the real reason why we are taking a break...

hello everyone

as you may know (or not bother to know), we are on a break from doing punk shows.

its really simple.

we are tired and jaded. 

the main guy running this is recovering from a very rough 3 years of life, a period only few knew and even fewer could understand. there were all sorts of problems and punk shows were part of the recovery process, which unfortunately reversed its role and became part of the bigger disillusionment.

until recent years, our calendars were filled with the funnest shows, with the funnest times alongside the funnest friends.

and with all stories, the good times would fade away. friends left the scene or drifted apart. venues and spaces started changing in so many ways. 

punk shows, that were still done as a statement and escape went from difficult to unbearable. losses amounted to ridiculous figures. the scene in Singapore suffered from the first world problem of "comfort" and started segregating in ways that nobody could imagine.

with all due respect to those who played / attended our shows, it came to a point where many of the shows that were done in the past 2 years felt very painful. we started many shows only to wish that they would end as quickly as possible. 
the community aspect of shows between 2004-2014 where kids could gather at the old hangouts didnt happen anymore.

are we victims of social circumstances? of growing up? of comfort?

is reality a form of fate?

why the fuck are still punk then?

shouldnt we be the change?

are we too idealistic for anything?

how much of reality should we accept?

the questions go on and on.

there is a huge gap between factions of the scene and many of us could easily be friends and comrades, but ended up being strangers in a very hedonistic sense. 

social media poisoned too many minds, but also we are in danger of going from political to apolitical to completely depoliticised. underground bands started "putting politics aside", the shit talking and the falseness got worse as the years went by.

punk became almost pointless here, devoid of any substance.

thus we are not giving up, we are now choosing to breathe some fresh air again. we are still in recovery after all. this may take a while.

we are jaded, disappointed and fucking tired, yet down but not out.

we will be back.

and wish to approach things from a deeper community level and have things going on with approaches so fresh that we might face ridicule and disagreement.

we are going to do it anyway.

punk = more than music.

we will be back briefly to do a crucial show for a crucial band; for the sake of friendship.

and then we will disappear again.

keep on keeping on, true punk never die!!!

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  1. Same me here with my Destroy It Yourselves Productions. Shaiful is a Hardcore Veteran. It's not easy and shit to say, best of luck, or keep on fight. Because I can feel the complex and multi-layered situation, and story. No hope = no fear, no pain = no gain, and finally, no struggle = no nothing to make a recall about in one's elderly period life.