Tuesday, March 7, 2017

another post about nothing really...


you know we are on a break but that doesnt mean shit. we still breathe punkrock rebellion through our veins daily.

just thought we'd like to write a post in response to cowardly idiots who have been saying really interesting stuff behind our backs. in this instance we would respond accordingly in cowardice as a keyboard warrior on our own blog (haha) because its better than kicking some teeth in. 
Next time start talking to us direct, we're cowardly and we wont bite.

"Prohibited Projects has "sold out" and started booking some questionable shows"
PP has always been 100% DIY and anonymous and not on Facebook, thank you very much. Any posts of our shows shared on Facebook is through the goodwill and genuine support of friends. In fact, do share this thread on Facebook too so we can justify our sell out status.
We do have ethics, very strong ones actually, and we stand our ground to this day. we contextualize our ethics and beliefs and politics and make sure they are relevant to our immediate surroundings.

We are not here to gain credibility from a worldwide punk consensus, or have MRR approval (although one of us used to write for MRR back in the day)

"Prohibited Projects shows has gotten expensive"
As is the rest of the world, as with all costs that come with running a show and with dwindling audiences too. Do the maths, bodoh.

"Prohibited Projects has favourable influence/affinity over some venues"
Because we bother to establish personalized working relationships, as a result communication is clearer and more concise. We get real time updates, feedback and hey guess what...respect!
What is more punkrock than that?

"Prohibited Projects has been booking some very unpunk bands"
Usually claims like these are from people stuck in their little punkrock bubble and safe circles of friends who dont have the balls to do something different. Dozens of new punks get into the scene every few months, and we'd rather take the risk and take some "kental" kids in and be the very communicators of true punkrock ethics, as opposed to Youtube or some holier-than-thou post DIY clan, or than score punkrock points to be approved by the worldwide DIY punk elite.
We take pride in having given so many bands their first show, although we wont be chasing credit, we're not about that.
Some of these bands 'moved on' and started playing "proper DIY shows" and possibly forgot about us, but its ok. We dont do this for credit, we do this for pure punkrock DIY rebellion and its a risk we took, so no problem with ingrates.

There are a lot more questions to be answered, but its important not to waste too much energy on fools and idiots.

Gossip mongers, kindly approach us next time for thoughts.

Punk is about respect and conversation, and a bit of balls too. 

We are on a break and very free now, you know where to find us! 

Punk as fuck, fucked as you!

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