Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello all

DISTRO DAY OUT flyer has been finalized, check the post for updates!

Just a small mistake in the flyer, if you emailed us after looking at the flyer and didnt get a's why....because Prohibited Projects DOES NOT have a Hotmail account. Our account has always been * repeat * GMAIL.COM solely because Gmail rules and Hotmail sucks.

I have however just opened a prohibitedprojects account on Hotmail (on 9 January in fact) so that I wont be accused of ignoring emails, but it should never be the first account you send anything to.

The guy who did the flyer rules but he was probably drunk, sleepy or both when he was working on it.

Oh well, punk rock lives in more than just noise. Haha I made a funny....

See you on 28, 29 January!!!!

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