Friday, January 27, 2012

March - April - May - June - July....and September 2012

Holy shit its only January and I've got a show on each month, and this doesnt include collaborations with other crazy folks!

FEBRUARY 10th (Friday) - with NIGHT OF CIRCLE PIT 3 @ The Substation Gallery, see post for more details.
MAY 24th (Thursday) - THE ARGIES (back again, singalong street rock-punk-oi from Argentina!) + also.... HELLCORE (brutal grind-death sickness from Malang, Indonesia! Date TBC...)
JUNE 2nd (Saturday....finally!!) - HANTAMRATA (Kediri thrashcore, Indonesia!)
JULY 3rd (Tuesday) GRAND HOTEL PARADOX (Dubai post punk!)
JULY 5th (Thursday).... IN CRUST WE THRASH with Desecrator (Australia)! More details TBC...

Fucking hell, one band from the hometown of Arema and another from the hood of the finest kretek cigarettes. Life is rulez!

Also....look out for a big show on Tuesday 25th September. Hint : they're old and from the UK. Band name below, fill in the blanks if you're smart enough : S***U*AN*. Show done in association with Nuisance Records and other naughty boys.

Keep yourselves updated!

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