Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello fuckers.

Another year has passed. To be honest a bit too fast. Here's what I have to say

- when time passes so fast, it means that life is good. to be honest, it has been and its about time. I'm working a fun as hell job that pays me too much for a punk rocker, its helping me clear my debts (clear debts my ass, i bought a hell of a lot of stuff, spent too much now I am in debt credit wise, but still at least it doesnt involve me potentially getting sued)...that said, money does not buy you happiness. in many ways i still miss the freedom I've had when i was freelancing but i can't complain really especially when i love my job. not everyone can say that. and again, money does not buy you happiness but it sure as hell makes putting on DIY punk shows a lot less stressful! :-)

- there has been NO Saturday shows done at all by Prohibited Projects in 2011. but people came anyway, so that's encouraging. up the punx!

- bought my own sound equipment, dont ask me, ask Pathetic Ape / Blackhole because they run it. i am rubbish at anything technical.

- catching up with the more predictable things in life like movies, dating and a night out with friends

- initiated Nuisance Records in case you still havent figured it out

- i love The Substation. now that it is staffed by punx/alternative type people it at least makes up for the loss of all the punk hangouts in Singapore (Blackhole, Ah Kong, etc....RIP!!!). The Substation has always existed but now with the new (not that new but you get the drift) Artistic Director, and the new approach, and the rejuvenated kampung feel, this contemporary, warm and HUMAN(E) artspace is fucking crucial for retaining our sanity! Chaos!!!!

- Cuban Link fucking rules!

- still not on Facebook. maybe if i end up working in the remote areas of Mongolia or Benin, but as long as I'm here in Singapore, fuck that shit

- first show confirmed for 2012! 10th February featuring TAKE ONE STEP, positive youth crew hc from Bogor, Indonesia!

- PLEASE COME TO DISTRO DAY OUT, 28 and 29th January 2012 (check the blog post) gonna be fucking killer, possibly the first Distro Fest in Singapore ever (correct me if I'm wrong) and also featuring CIRCUIT TRIP (old crusties gone digicore!), DJ URINE (disco distortion from France) and KAWABATA MAKOTO (one man Japanese bizzare carnival, ex Acid Mothers Temple!). focus will be on the underground DIY hc punk oi grind metal movement in SE Asia, and the soundtrack to it will be utter destruction

- will be releasing the LEAD (II) NITRATE CD (possibly our swansong), SARJAN HASSAN / BLINDED HUMANITY split CD (too long a wait!) and BATAM CHAOS CHRONICLES compilation. can't fucking wait.....

- someone give me a million dollars so i can open the world's first punk run and owned coffeeshop. imagine punk and hardcore bands, circle pits, beer and nasi lemak in the same's still just a dream for now....

- itching to travel again...

- cheers and beers to a whole new year of fucked up shit!!!!!

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